Shalom Mayer Tower - Herzl Square Ltd.

The Shalom Mayer Tower is a 34 story office building situated in the heart of Tel Aviv´s historical downtown, and is a recognized landmark in the country. Herzl Square is the owner operator of approximately 40,000s/m of office and commercial space in Shalom Mayer Tower.

Shalom Mayer Tower Ltd.

Shalom Mayer Tower Ltd. is the first building management company in Israel, and was a pioneer of modern technology in its management systems.

The Motor House Ltd. (MH)

MH is the owner operator of approximately 20,000s/m of an underground facility in Shalom Mayer Tower. In addition the company is in possesion of various private and hospital (public) parking concessions throughout Israel.

Kiryat Isaac Wolfson Jerusalem

Kiryat Isaac Wolfson is the owner operator of approximately 10,000s/m of office and retail space in the prestigious Wolfson Towers complex in Jerusalem, which was erected by WCM. The company is also in possesion of a 9,000s/m parking facility that is attached to the commercial complex.

Ramat Sharet

WCM in a joint venture with Azorim Ltd. is in the process of developing an upper-income residential community in Jerusalem, comprising of approximately 900 apartments of which a major portion has already been completed.

Shalom Center Management Company Ltd.

The company is the management and maintenance company of the prestigious complex in Jerusalem.

Wolfson Clore Mayer Corp. Ltd.

Situated in Petach Tikva, W.C.M. is the owner operator of 20,000s/m of rentable space. The company is currently in the process of obtaining rezoning and permits for the development of an high-tech office complex.

Wolfson Clore Mayer Corp. Ltd.

Situated in Or-Akiva, the company is the owner operator of 20,000s/m of rentable space and 66,000s/m of open land, for future development.

Autoimmune Etiology in Schizophrenia

Research performed by Late Prof. M. Shinitzky from the Weizmann Institute. A peptide epitope originating from blood platelets has been applied as a biomarker of Schizophrenia.

Visit site: http://www.neurogenic.co.il



KidneyCure aims to commercialize novel stem cell technologies for chronic renal disease, developed at the Sheba Medical Center by a group of researchers led by Prof. B. Dekel.

Visit site: http://www.kidneycure.com


Brainsway’s patented breakthrough technology lauches a new era in brain disorder treatment. A non-invasive, yet highly effective solutuon. Brainsway can make a difference in the wellbeing and health of millions of patients worldwide.


TavTech Ltd. is a privately-owned company, based in Israel, with a mission to continuously develop medical and aesthetic applications based on its unique Jet Technology.Since its establishment TavTech has been developing and delivering state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic devices and applications that are changing the way non-invasive treatments are carried out today.